Bicycle Tube Repair Home Workshop

Your home workshop should include:

1. Tire/Tube Rasp – The rasp can be as simple as a small piece of sandpaper or a tool made specifically for flat repairs. The rasp is necessary to remove the outer coating of the tube that is applied to keep the tube from sticking to mold in the manufacture process.

2. Disposable razor (optional) – Useful to shave any seams on the tube created during the manufacturing process that might interfere with the patch adhering to the tube surface.

3. Rubber Vulcanizing Cement – A special cement needed for gluing the patch to the tube.

4. Patches – Not all patches are of equal quality. I prefer Rema patches and have had good success with them.

5. Tire/Tube Stitcher Tool – Similar to the rasp, the stitcher tool can be any hard object like a coin or a tool made specifically for flat repairs. The stitcher is useful to help remove air bubble under the patch by providing pressure on the patch as it vulcanizes and cures.

You can find the items mention above by clicking on each below.

Tire/Tube Rasp

Rubber Vulcanizing Cement

Rema patches

Tire/Tube Stitcher Tool

Ken Whittaker