Bicycle Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle Chinese exercise that combines slow movements and deep breathing. It’s been said to be like meditating while you move. In many ways cycling is my Tai Chi. I find the rhythmic pedaling and deep breathing a form of meditation, especially while cycling a relatively level rail trail through wooded areas. Without the worry of automobiles around me, my sense of the environment comes alive. I start to smell the fragrance in the air. I hear the running water in the stream nearby. I see the movement of small creatures in the brush. But most of all, my mind lets go of the daily stress and is free to wander to any subject. Cycling helps me solve some of the most complex problems in my life in the simplest way.

If relieving stress wasn’t enough, cycling has also improved my balance, strengthened muscles, and lessened arthritis pain. I guess you can think of it as Bicycle Tai Chi.

Ken Whittaker