Be Eye-catching Flashy

As cyclists we put ourselves at risk every time we ride.  It seems like we are invisible to drivers sometimes.  I have vehicles pull out and turn in front of me all the time.  I’ve even been struck from behind and I’m sure the driver didn’t see me until I landed on her hood.  Being more visible in traffic is a life saver. 

The best way to make yourself more visible is to add front and back Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) to your gear.  It makes sense that a cyclist with lights is easier to spot than a cyclist without lights.  Lights increase our contrast with the background so we don’t just blend into the environment.  In fact, one study, Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment – PubMed (, shows that bicycles equipped with (DRLs) have a significant (19% lower) reduction in crashes with vehicles as compared with bicycles without.  I’m so convinced of the effectiveness of DRLs that I’ve mounted a set on my helmet so I can direct the light by moving my head as needed by my situation.

If you don’t already have DRLs don’t wait another second, I suggest adding a set of bright high-quality front and back DRLs to your gear today.  Be Eye-catching flashy. It could save your life.

Ken Whittaker