Bafang Test Ride

My first test rides were fantastic!!! 

I started out very conservatively on level 1.  The Bafang has assist levels ranging from 1-9 with each level providing more assist.  Levels 1-2 feel more like my natural cycling speed of about 15 miles per hour but the effort is like having a substantial tail wind at my back.  At the higher levels, I found myself cruising up to the maximum speed of 28 miles per hour with little effort.

I quickly headed for the nearest steep hill, increased the assist level and zipped up it.  I was having a blast!   I took several Strava KOM without knowing it.  Feeling a little guilty afterwards about breaking a lot of the Strava records around town, I found that I could record my rides as e-bike rides on Strava without taking anyone’s hard earned KOM. While I wonder how many are actually earned honestly, mine, if I ever get a KOM, will be honest. 

Needless to say, I know I am going to log a lot of miles on my new e-bike.

Ken Whittaker