Bafang Cockpit

Perhaps the hardest part of converting a road bike into an electric bike with the Bafang kit is the cockpit. Space is very limited on my handlebars because I have four brake levers (drop and cross top levers).  So, finding space to mount the BAFANG controls along with my Garmin GPS/bike computer was challenging. 

Making matters worse, the Bafang controls are designed for mountain bikes with straight handlebars that have a 31.8mm mounting diameter and taper to 22.2mm at the bar end.  Because the on/off switch, pedal assist level selector and throttle are meant to be mounted towards the end of mountain bike bars with 22.2mm diameter mounting clamps, the Bafang controls will not fit the considerably wider road bike drop handlebars. 

This seems a bit short sighted by Bafang to ignore the road bike market.  However, there is a work around that works well.  I purchased a handlebar extender that mounts to a 31.8mm diameter drop handlebar and has a 22.2mm diameter extension bar.  With the on/off, pedal assist level selector and throttle mounted on the extension bar, both are within finger reach while both my hands are firmly planted on the tops of my handlebars.

Getting a tight fit on the handlebar extension can be challenging.  I had to make shims for the handlebar extenders to ensure a tight fit on the handlebars.  Shims can be made by cutting strips out of an old inner tube or aluminum beverage can.   Caution, do not overtighten the clamps as the clamps are made out of an aluminum alloy and will strip the threads if over tightened.

Ken Whittaker