An Argument for the Garmin Edge Remote

When the weather gets cooler the touch screen on my Garmin Edge becomes more of a hinderance than a feature. I can never find the right gloves that will keep my hand warm while cycling and will also work well with my Garmin Edge touch screen. As a consequence, each time I want to change the screen on my Garmin Edge I have to stop and take off my glove.

It wasn’t until I started using Shimano Di2 shifters on my road bike that I realized how convenient it was to flip though the screens remotely with just the touch of a button. Nevertheless, I’m very happy with my nine speed bar end shifters on my touring bike and I not willing to pay to upgrade to Shimano Di2 system just for the convenience of operating my Garmin Edge remotely. There had to be a better solution to my problem.

Then I learned about the Garmin Edge Remote Control. This little 3-button Edge remote (pictured above) mounts on my handlebars and uses ANT+ wireless connectivity to scroll through the pages of my Garmin Edge bicycle computer. I can also mark laps and program the third button to a function of my choosing from a list of preset functions. Although space on my handlebars is scarce, this little device has earned a spot and is well worth the space.

Ken Whittaker