Abandoned the COGAP Ride

The C&O and GAP ride didn’t go as planned. I knew that things were starting to get bad when my bike computer, a Garmin 810, kept displaying warnings about areal flooding. Our fears were confirmed when we arrived at White’s Ferry and found that the ferry boat had been taken out of the water and the luncheonette had been completely emptied in anticipation of flooding.

When we checked the C&O website, we learned that many sections of the towpath had already been closed and that a bridge had been washed out, and there was a detour at mile marker 51 through 54. In addition, the National Parks department was asking everyone to avoid mile marker 42 through 70.

The section at Harpers Ferry was forecast to be underwater today and there was already heavy damage at mile marker 58 through 63. And there were warnings that trees were starting to fall. The muddy conditions made it hard to control our loaded bikes and the trail just became too dangerous, so we had to abandoned the ride.

Remember, you are responsible for your own safety.

Ken Whittaker