A Zwift Trip to Watopia

Watopia on Zwift

A large part of what I enjoy about cycling is simply being able to get outdoors. However, that isn’t always possible to do safely during the winter months where I live. During those dark and cold months, my only alternative is to turn to my indoor trainer.

While I used to dread my indoor trainer and viewed it as a form of torture that cyclists must endure until the weather turned warm again and we could get back outdoors, I do enjoy Zwift. Indoor cycling will never be as enjoyable as riding outdoors. However, Zwift does offer features that make training indoors much more enjoyable.

For example, as you can tell from my blog, I love cycle touring. I love to go on cycling adventures to new places. Luckily there is no shortage of new places to explore on Zwift. There are currently 100 routes on Zwift of various length and difficulty, with many other event-only routes also available. Another big benefit of Zwift is I don’t have to worry about distracted drivers, and I can safely ride without a helmet.

Ken Whittaker