3 water bottle cages & kickstand

Disc Trucker with 3 water bottle cages & kickstand

Three water bottle cages and the kickstand were scheduled for installation today. I know some of my cycling friends are saying, NO NOT A KICKSTAND! It’s not because a kickstand isn’t cool, rather it’s because a bicycle frame can easily be ruined if too much force is used in mounting them. Luckily, Surly now sells a kit to protect the frame from being damaged when mounting a kickstand. However, the Surly kickstand kit must be torqued to no more than 15 newton/meters to avoid damaging the frame.

When to go Surly! Your customer spoke and you listened


Tip: Follow the manufacture’s installation instructions and use a torque wrench to mount EVERYTHING. Today’s bikes and parts can very easily be damaged if over tightened.

Ken Whittaker

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