Why Start a Blog About Bicycle Touring?

I’m passionate about cycling. Whether it’s riding down the road or mountain biking down a trail, I love being outdoors and the thrill of flying along with only a few square inches of rubber touching the ground. But, bicycle touring is what I love the most about cycling. Whether I’m self-supported and lugging all my camping gear or carrying nothing more than my credit card and sleeping in motels, I love touring.

I’m not sure what appeals most about touring to me.

• Is it being absorbed into a new environment, people, foods, and culture that I couldn’t have achieved using any other form of travel?
• Is it the challenge of being forced outside of my comfort zone and traveling down roads and trails that I’ve never traveled before?
• Is it the satisfaction of knowing I’ve got the guts to continue the journey no matter what conditions I encounter?
• Or perhaps it is the feel of accomplishment, knowing I’ve traveled great distances under my own power?

I really don’t know. I just know that I love it!

As a community, I doubt if bicycle tourists make up more than .1% of the general population. And, I know from my own experience, it is hard to find someone that can help you to start bicycle touring or to share experiences and ideas with. I hope my blog will provide its readers with helpful tips on bicycle touring. I will share my firsthand experiences in preparing for a weekend adventure or a trip cycling across America. Please join me in the discussion.

Ken Whittaker