Zwift Play Beta Test

Zwift Play Beta Test game controllers for the Zwift Play Game Experience.
Zwift Play

Zwift Play is a new innovative product currently in beta test. While the controllers are designed to accompany a new Beta Zwift Play Game Experience, I found them to be a valuable addition to my indoor training setup, simply because they eliminated the need to use the Zwift Companion app while riding indoors.

Prior to Zwift Play, I used to attach my mobile phone to my handlebars to use the Zwift Companion app to access Zwift features. Now I can do everything I used to do on the Zwift Companion app with the Zwift Play controllers. If I never use Zwift Play to steer or brake while riding a Zwift Play Game Experience, I will continue to use the controllers. I think the controllers are a big improvement over using the Zwift Companion app.

However, let’s not forget that the Zwift Play are also game controllers. While I only see Repack Rush featuring the Beta Zwift Play Game Experience, I can’t wait to see what the innovators at Zwift have in store for in the future. I hope the Zwift Play Game experiment succeeds in a cycling world that isn’t known to readily embrace innovation.

If you find it hard to keep a riding streak going week after week or just want to get on your bike on for an easy activity on a rest day, then the Zwift Play Game Experience might be just what you need. Ride on!

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