Unnecessary Zwift Embellishment?

Wahoo Kickr Climb
Wahoo Kickr Climb

I’ve always viewed the Wahoo Kickr Climb as an expensive and unnecessary Zwift accessory. While the Kickr Climb may add real time grade changes on Zwift, I viewed it as a $699.99 luxury that I didn’t need. Let’s face it, indoor training is a boring task, and I wasn’t eager to spend more money on an activity I dreaded doing.

However, when I paired the Kickr Climb with my Wahoo Kickr on Zwift, it changed my whole indoor training experience. The boring task of indoor training became fun and exciting. I was absorbed into a very realistic cycling experience. As I traveled the Zwift landscape, I could feel a corresponding change in elevation and pedaling resistance that matched the terrain I was seeing on the screen.

I especially enjoy the rolling routes. I started to factor in the Zwift terrain into my cycling strategy as if I were cycling outside. I would take every advantage of my downhill momentum to take me as far uphill as possible with the least amount of effort. And I was riding faster, farther and enjoying it more because I didn’t have to constantly watch the screen and map elevations. My bike gave me all the necessary queues needed.

3D map of Zwift - R.G.V. in France
Zwift R.G.V. in France

While I still think the Wahoo Kickr Climb is a $699.99 luxury, it may be a good investment if it keeps you motivated with your indoor training. However, if you are riding flat circuits, it is completely unnecessary, and it would be wiser to spend your money elsewhere.

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