The Magicshine SEEMEE 200 Taillight

Magicshine SEEMEE 200 Taillight

I rarely do product reviews. When I do, it is always of a product that I chose for my own use and paid for with my own money. I do not benefit in any way by a product review. I share my opinion of a product with the visitors to this website so they might benefit from my experience with the product. With that said, let me tell you about the Magicshine SeeMee 200 taillight.

If you’ve read my blog post BE EYE-CATCHING FLASHY you already know that I am a big advocate of cyclists making themselves more visible to drivers by using lights on their bicycles day and night. Unfortunately, a good set of lights can be very pricy. However, there are some very good lights available at very reasonable prices. One of these lights is the Magicshine SeeMee 200 taillight. So, what makes it a great light?

The Magicshine SeeMee 200 taillight features are:

  • Small – 32x28x43mm
  • Light – 1.4oz
  • Very Bright – 200 LM Output
  • Highly Visible – Up to 2 miles
  • Waterproof – IPX6
  • Smart – Motion Brake Sensor 200LM
  • Rechargeable – Micro USB cable included
  • Battery level indicator
  • Multiple lighting modes – 3 constant (30, 70 and 140 LM), 4 flashing (all 140 LM), and 2 smart modes
  • 360 degree visibility – Innovative auxiliary tracing light that shines a beam on the ground for visibility in all directions.
  • Runtime – 2.5 to 50 hours depending on mode.
  • Low Power Mode – When battery reaches 5% chare, it automatically goes to economic flashing mode(30LM).
  • Inexpensive – MSRP $44.99

This is a great light at the MSRP $44.99, but luckily I was able to purchase one on sale directly from Magicshine for $38.24 with free shipping, customs and tax included. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Pictures speak louder than words.

Magicshine SEEMEE 200 Taillight with Tracing Light at night

The innovative auxiliary tracing beam of light on the ground adds a level of visibility that I’ve never seen before with any other taillight.

Ken Whittaker

Road Bikes = Innovation Constipation

Let’s face it! Road cycling suffers from innovation constipation. Thank goodness for mountain biking. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have tubeless tires, thru axles, disc brakes, more compliant bikes frames etc. in road cycling. So why is road cycling so slow to adopt innovation?

I think it is because bicycle manufacturers and shops use road racing as their model for marketing road bikes. How misguided is that? That’s like car manufacturers and dealers saying every driver wants a NASCAR race car, while in reality most drivers want utility, work, economy or luxury vehicles. Fortunately, the auto industry realizes that performance cars are only a small portion of the market.

Let’s take it a step further. What do you think of when you think of a road racing cyclist? I think of digging in and enduring pain to gain a competitive edge. In fact, many racing cyclists call their indoor training area “pain caves.” Who thinks that’s fun? It’s just what you have to do to be competitive. So why is the industry using racing type bikes to draw people into cycling?

Come on! While the industry is incestuous, with many former racers drawn into the bicycle industry, not all buyers are wanabee racers so don’t view them like they are. There is a resurgence in cycling now and the new buyers aren’t inspired by racing. Don’t blow it! Cycling needs to be fun and exciting. So sponsor fun and exciting events for everyone rather than mostly competitive ones. Sponsor rail trail openings, community rides, e-bike events and even endurance events that offer cycling opportunities to former noncyclists. Get innovative in your product and marketing. Look at for example, and find more cycling events to interest Americans in cycling rather than new forms of cycle racing. Or die a slow and painful death.

Ken Whittaker