Six Must Have Items to Enhance Indoor Training

A bike, compatible trainer, internet capable device and an account are all you need to get you going on Zwift. However, there are a few additional items that will enhance the indoor training experience.

  • Fan – Opening a window will not provide enough airflow. You need a powerful fan that will generate a cool breeze to evaporate sweat and keep you cool. My rule of thumb is that if you feel comfortable before you start, your fan setting is not strong enough to keep you cool when you start sweating. Think of it as using wind chill to your advantage.
  • Floormat – Even with a good fan you are going to sweat, so protect your floor with a floormat. You don’t need an expensive floormat. I find that my old yoga mats work fine to protect my floor from sweat, reduce noise, and provide anti-slip surface for getting on and off my bike.
  • Towels – Since sweat is inevitable, it pays to have a towel handy for you and the bike. However, I find it very effective to deal with sweat at the source rather than cleaning it up afterwards. So, I wear a head sweatband to catch most of the sweat, then I only have minimal cleanup afterwards.
  • Water – With all this talk about sweat, it should go without saying you need lots of water to replace lost fluids to stay hydrated. I fill two water bottles before each session and have them readily available in their cages on the bike.
  • Music – I don’t think I could train indoors without music. Besides a controlled environment, having music is one of the big benefits of indoor training.
  • Table – I didn’t use a table when I started training indoors. However, it is nice to have something nearby to put your electronic device, the remote control for my music and anything else you might need. While there are tables specifically for indoor training, I use a music stand that does double duty to hold my device when I’m cycling and sheet music when I’m not.

That’s my list of six things that will enhance the indoor training experience. Do you have anything to add to the list? If so, please comment below.

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Ken Whittaker