How to Train for an Epic Bicycle Adventure

Topographical map of route through India.

A few of my friends are planning an epic 62 day cycling adventure from the Great Himalayan corridor to the southern tip of India, and they’ve asked me if I would like to join them. Since a good portion of the route will be in the mountains, I’m not sure if I can manage the more difficult climbs, even though my friend has assured me that I have nothing to worry about because cycling from the Himalayan mountains to the southern tip of India is all downhill.

Since the investment in time and money for a cycling adventure of this magnitude is enormous, I want to be sure that I will be successful. One way to prepare for this epic adventure would be to ride the actual route on my indoor trainer before I even set foot in India. Fortunately, with my Garmin Edge 1030, Wahoo Kickr and the course files for the route, I can ride all or select sections of the route virtually. My Garmin Edge has the ability to control the resistance of my trainer to match the actual route’s elevation changes for the route in India. While it may not prepare me for every difficulty that I might encounter, like altitude, weather and road conditions, it will give me a realistic feel for the route and my ability to meet the challenge.

Topographical map of route through the Great Himalayan Mountains.
Sample of the route through the Great Himalayan Mountains.

Using a Garmin Edge to control an ANT+ enabled Smart Trainer in three easy steps.

  1. Pair
    • Select Training > Indoor Trainer > Pair ANT+ Bike Trainer.
    • Next select indoor trainer check box.
    • Then select Add. Once my trainer was paired with my Garmin, the trainer icon appears as a connected sensor.
  2. Send Course to Garmin Device
    • Find the desired route from the Garmin Connect website.
    • Select Send Course to Device.
  3. Ride Course
    • On the Edge, select INDOOR so that the GPS on the device is turned off.
    • Next, select Navigation > Courses > Saved Courses.
    • Select the course.
    • Then select Ride.

That is all there is to it. Now I can test my abilities to handle the climbs in the Great Himalayan corridor from home. I could even ride the whole route beforehand.

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Ken Whittaker