One Speed Workhorse

Vietnamese bikes are strong, one speed, wide tire workhorses.

I remember my former co-worker, a disabled vet from the Vietnam war, once telling me a story about finding a cache of bicycles used by the Vietcong to transport weapons and supplies. As the story goes, they tried using hand grenades to destroy the bikes with little success. Finally, they had to get a tank to run over them to destroy the bikes.


Ken Whittaker

Other Distractions

In addition to the JAMSQUAD, travel has also been keeping me away from my blog. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam. It is truly an amazing place and a land of bicycles. Over the next several posts I’ll share some of my bicycle related experiences in this fascinating country.

To start, I like to visit a local bike shop whenever I travel and Vietnam was no exception. There are bicycles everywhere and small bicycle shops to sell and service them. Unlike my local bike shop in the USA, with scores of bikes and catchy displays, this GIANT dealer is a no-frills shop.

Ken Whittaker