The Magicshine SEEMEE 200 Taillight

Magicshine SEEMEE 200 Taillight

I rarely do product reviews. When I do, it is always of a product that I chose for my own use and paid for with my own money. I do not benefit in any way by a product review. I share my opinion of a product with the visitors to this website so they might benefit from my experience with the product. With that said, let me tell you about the Magicshine SeeMee 200 taillight.

If you’ve read my blog post BE EYE-CATCHING FLASHY you already know that I am a big advocate of cyclists making themselves more visible to drivers by using lights on their bicycles day and night. Unfortunately, a good set of lights can be very pricy. However, there are some very good lights available at very reasonable prices. One of these lights is the Magicshine SeeMee 200 taillight. So, what makes it a great light?

The Magicshine SeeMee 200 taillight features are:

  • Small – 32x28x43mm
  • Light – 1.4oz
  • Very Bright – 200 LM Output
  • Highly Visible – Up to 2 miles
  • Waterproof – IPX6
  • Smart – Motion Brake Sensor 200LM
  • Rechargeable – Micro USB cable included
  • Battery level indicator
  • Multiple lighting modes – 3 constant (30, 70 and 140 LM), 4 flashing (all 140 LM), and 2 smart modes
  • 360 degree visibility – Innovative auxiliary tracing light that shines a beam on the ground for visibility in all directions.
  • Runtime – 2.5 to 50 hours depending on mode.
  • Low Power Mode – When battery reaches 5% chare, it automatically goes to economic flashing mode(30LM).
  • Inexpensive – MSRP $44.99

This is a great light at the MSRP $44.99, but luckily I was able to purchase one on sale directly from Magicshine for $38.24 with free shipping, customs and tax included. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Pictures speak louder than words.

Magicshine SEEMEE 200 Taillight with Tracing Light at night

The innovative auxiliary tracing beam of light on the ground adds a level of visibility that I’ve never seen before with any other taillight.

Ken Whittaker

Is AliExpress a Bargain?

When I first learned about AliExpress I was really excited about the bargains. However, there are several drawbacks to buying directly from sellers in China.

I’ve experienced all of the following:

  • Very slow deliveries.
  • Difficult communications.
  • Hefty foreign transaction fee.
  • Customs delays
  • Complicated and expensive import taxes.
  • Low quality and counterfeit items.
Magicshine Seemee 200

For example, with my most recent purchase the saving seemed to outweigh the risks. Besides, AliExpress had a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, “We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period.” Since I wanted to buy a Magicshine Seemee 200 Bike Tail Light, I ordered one. The seller estimated that the delivery time would be between 20-38 days. After waiting 80 days I requested a refund under the Buyer Protection period. Although the seller would not honor the guarantee and refused to give me a refund, I submitted a dispute with AliExpress and they quickly refunded my money.

When the item finally arrived the seller immediately sent me a message asking that I return the item but refused to pay for the return shipping. In retrospect, the minimal savings about 10% was not worth the hassle. In fact, I have since found the light from local sellers cheaper, delivered the next day and will pay the shipping for returns.

So if you are looking for bargains with Aliexpress sellers, buyer beware! The real cost in time and aggravation may be much higher than you think.

Ken Whittaker

Will Ford be the Next Big Bicycle Manufacturer?

Who is bicycle manufacturers’ next big competitor? The biggest competitor may not be who you think it will be. And it certainly may not be the biggest competitor now. Did book stores realize Amazon was going to be their biggest competitor? Did record stores realize that music streaming would be their biggest competitor. My guess is that the answer is no or at least not until it was too late. So what does this all have to do with cycling?

The same is true for bicycle manufacturers, their biggest competitor is anyone with a better idea. The slow to innovate bicycle industry (see Road Bikes = Innovation Constipation) may not realize who will be their biggest competitor until it is too late also. The bicycle market is becoming a very lucrative growth industry, especially with the global bicycle market projected to reach $28,667.3 million by 2027, as reported by (see Global Bicycle Market (2021 to 2027) – by Type, Sales Channel and End-user – So it may come as no surprise that Ford might be targeting the market by registering a US patent that may have reinvented the bicycle derailleur (see Is Ford about to change derailleurs forever? ) as reported by

Take note bicycle manufactures. If you snooze, you may loose. Nevertheless, it’s good to see innovation in the very slow innovating bicycle industry as well as the potential benefits consumers generally see with competition .

Ken Whittaker

Why Start a Blog About Bicycle Touring?

I’m passionate about cycling. Whether it’s riding down the road or mountain biking down a trail, I love being outdoors and the thrill of flying along with only a few square inches of rubber touching the ground. But, bicycle touring is what I love the most about cycling. Whether I’m self-supported and lugging all my camping gear or carrying nothing more than my credit card and sleeping in motels, I love touring.

I’m not sure what appeals most about touring to me.

• Is it being absorbed into a new environment, people, foods, and culture that I couldn’t have achieved using any other form of travel?
• Is it the challenge of being forced outside of my comfort zone and traveling down roads and trails that I’ve never traveled before?
• Is it the satisfaction of knowing I’ve got the guts to continue the journey no matter what conditions I encounter?
• Or perhaps it is the feel of accomplishment, knowing I’ve traveled great distances under my own power?

I really don’t know. I just know that I love it!

As a community, I doubt if bicycle tourists make up more than .1% of the general population. And, I know from my own experience, it is hard to find someone that can help you to start bicycle touring or to share experiences and ideas with. I hope my blog will provide its readers with helpful tips on bicycle touring. I will share my firsthand experiences in preparing for a weekend adventure or a trip cycling across America. Please join me in the discussion.

Ken Whittaker