Due to my crash on my first attempt to cycle across America, my wife Colleen strongly encouraged me not to ride alone in 2015. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to ride with me. In addition, I was naturally resistant to the idea of riding with an organized group. I felt that it was too restrictive and contrary to the free-spirited ideals of cycle touring. However, at Colleen’s urging I signed up to ride with Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers on his Coast 2 Coast supported tour.

As a result, I am not able to share the details of the route with you. Bubba, the operator, considers his route proprietary information and does not want to make it public. While it wouldn’t be difficult to determine my exact route by reading my posts, I would not recommend it. Since Bubba provides support to his riders, there aren’t always services available along his route. Seriously, you could find yourself without lodging, food or water on sections of the route. Honestly, there were sections of the route that had nothing to offer a rider but scenery.

However, if you are a free spirit and decide to go it alone, Adventure Cycling Association offers a very similar Southern Tier route from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL in a 7 Map Set (3069.5 mi.). In addition, they offer many other tools, including GPS waypoints for their routes, places to stay (free & paid), and interactive maps with additional layers for route conditions such as USGS Fire Data (Active Perimeters), Flood Warnings, INCI Fire Data, Weather Forecast, Clouds, Google Bicycle, Google Traffic and Amtrak Routes.

Adventure Cycling maps are not only available for cross-country riders. I’ve used their maps for routes that pass nearby my home and for areas that I’ve toured and vacationed at. I have used Adventure Cycling maps many times and found them to be excellent and I highly recommend them.

If you’re riding self-supported don’t leave home without a good set of maps. I recommend joining Adventure Cycling Association and taking their maps with you.

Ken Whittaker